Automotive – metal racks

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Thanks to our opportunities to work with 3D laser belong the metal products to our main productive activities. Laser cutting is particularly accurate in compliance with minimum tolerances and also effective for optimizing the production process and delivery timing. Metal pallets and racks are made for a variety of parts like bumpers, instrument panel, center console, etc. We are able to do a variety of tailored been sent to the 3D data of the component. Metal pallets and racks are made not only for the automotive industry, but we can supply a variety of metal constructions etc. In the automotive industry, we offer the possibility of combining the metal material with several other materials for example textiles (Tyvek, Spounbound etc., various of plastic, including plastic boxes etc.).



Family company KNIKOV Ltd. was established in May 2003. Its initial aim was locksmith lot production, which during the time was crystallized subcontracting products for strong European companies such as Vitra Gmbh, Pellenc Ltd. or NN Oyj. Later were projects were for the automotive industry in Slovakia and Czech Republic. From the beginning is engaged in production and development of fireplace inserts and stoves, which are placed not only locally but also in Slovakia. The products are certified TSU Piestany with correcting for all EU countries.