Automotive – plastic packaging


For automotive we are offering a wide variety of products in combination with various materials. Based on your submitted 3D models or other forms of data, we are able to propose the optimal packaging, that economic retun is optimal.

For larger parts are available with a variety of plastic containers with removable lid and middle part of the box. These boxes are offered in several standard sizes. If necessary, can be equipped with textile or foam fixation. Textile sliding fixation with the possibility to divide the different floors in the box. For smaller parts should be used mainly classical KLT boxes or crates. Again, it is possible to use the full range of standard sizes. These boxes are most often combined with textile fixation, which is fastened to the box with velcro. Here can be used also foam and plastic interlayers.

Highly preferred is a customize packaging. We are able to produce this type of packaging precisely tailored to your requirements and ideas. This packaging can replace any non-standard size for KLT boxes. Possible to combine with a wide range of variations of materials etc.



Family company KNIKOV Ltd. was established in May 2003. Its initial aim was locksmith lot production, which during the time was crystallized subcontracting products for strong European companies such as Vitra Gmbh, Pellenc Ltd. or NN Oyj. Later were projects were for the automotive industry in Slovakia and Czech Republic. From the beginning is engaged in production and development of fireplace inserts and stoves, which are placed not only locally but also in Slovakia. The products are certified TSU Piestany with correcting for all EU countries.