3D laser cutting

High power laser with automatic loading and unloading.

Progressive technology working closed profiled materials with a square, resp. rectangular profiles and tubes with high repeat accuracy.

Dimensional input material options:

Tubes: diameter from 12 mm to 140 mm

Closed square tube: wall profile 12-120 mm

Closed rectangular profiles: size of the circumscribed circle MAX. 170 mm

The length of the input material: min. 3200 mm, Max. 6 500 mm

Weight 1 piece material: Max. 100 kg


knikov_laser_EN1-589x1024UPRAVA maj2015


All can be produced on 1 tool

3D laser centrum


The production program of special purpose machinery is exclusively customized – each order is treated individually based on your requirements. We use many years of experience in the manufacture of special purpose machinery – by selecting quality materials and components as well as the perfect treatment during the manufacturing process achieve high performance of machinery and equipment for you. Focus is primarily on simple service, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Production is carried out either according to your drawings, or by creating a dossier in accordance with your wishes and requirements.


3D laser2


3D laser1


Metal plate processing

Cutting sheet – Shears CNC LVD 3000 x 6, NTE 2500/4

Cutting sheet – Shears CNC LVD 3000 x 6, NTE 2500/4



Family company KNIKOV Ltd. was established in May 2003. Its initial aim was locksmith lot production, which during the time was crystallized subcontracting products for strong European companies such as Vitra Gmbh, Pellenc Ltd. or NN Oyj. Later were projects were for the automotive industry in Slovakia and Czech Republic. From the beginning is engaged in production and development of fireplace inserts and stoves, which are placed not only locally but also in Slovakia. The products are certified TSU Piestany with correcting for all EU countries.